Reflexology: A Relaxing Way to Detoxify Your Body

If you have ever had a therapist press on the heel of your foot to relieve sciatica, you may have just experienced reflexology. Based on an elaborate map of energy centres and nerve endings concentrated in your hands and feet, reflexology is an alternative medicine therapy which treats specific parts of your body by manipulating points on the reflexology map. The practice is similar to eastern medicine practices widely used in massage therapy and meditation.

The Health Benefits of Reflexology

Most practices associate the following benefits with successful reflexology:

  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Cleansing the Body of Toxins
  • Balancing Energy in the Body
  • Promoting Healing
  • Increasing Circulation
  • Reducing Inflammation

Many of these positive effects can be explained by the energy centres featured on the reflexology map. Predominant on the foot are centres for your kidneys, liver, stomach, and digestive tract. Stimulation to any one, or the entire group, will be sure to enhance your body’s ability to cleanse and rejuvenate.

A Typical Reflexology Treatment

Most reflexology sessions last just thirty minutes. They are best when conducted in a relaxing environment with accompanying aromatherapy or enjoyable music. Patients remain fully clothed as only the feet and hands are manipulated, although disrobing will not hurt the process.

A qualified therapist will ask if you have specific concerns, such as a sinus infection or migraine headaches, and address points on the map specifically related to your discomfort.

Things to Know If You Receive Treatment

Because reflexology is an intense therapy, there are some considerations to be made if you are considering this form of therapy.

  • Do not undergo reflexology therapy when pregnant
  • Do not undergo reflexology therapy if you have a pre-existing hand or foot injury
  • Do not eat for at least one hour before receiving treatment
  • Drink water immediately after your treatment to prevent lactosis or muscle soreness

Reflexology is an enjoyable and impactful alternative medicine therapy. It is fast and easy to receive. If you have a nagging issue, give it a try. At the very least you will emerge from your session fully relaxed and mentally fresh.

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