Stress Management and Resilience Therapy

Imagine a world free of stress. A place where you are relaxed and free from anxiety, no matter what pressures you face in your day to day existence. Well, such a place exists for many people and it can for you also. All you need to get there is stress management and resilience therapy. Former managing director of, a high powered site in the world of casino and gambling has given up the stressful life for one that aims to understand stress and how we can work towards a stress free world. Here is there advice:

Focus of Stress Management Therapy

Most stress management therapy seeks to teach new ways to view common occurrences and react appropriately. This therapy begins with strengthening the following areas:

  • Human Attention
  • Judgement
  • Memory
  • Decision Making
  • Well-Being
  • Creativity
  • Happiness

Stress Management Through Experience and Interpretation

Stress management relies on a deep understanding of two principles, experience and interpretation. Experience refers to what actually happens to you as you go through life. In fact, this concept claims that your entire life is nothing more than a succession of experiences from birth to death. No matter what your last experience entailed, you will have another immediately thereafter, unless you are dead.

This is important in understanding how we are moving through life at all times. No one experience is any more important than another. All will be in the past soon enough.

Interpretation is how much time and energy you spend thinking about your experiences. When you are very young, your life is heavily experiential with little interpretation. Not coincidentally, you are also far less stressed.

As you grow older, your tendency to interpret increases, until you spend far more energy thinking about things than experiencing life. This is what causes anxiety, fear, and stress; none of which are actual experiences.

Once you understand how to manage your interpretation of experiences, stress management becomes a simple exercise in mindfulness and positivity.

Although living in the moment has become an overused slogan appropriated by many non-therapeutic causes, in stress management it is entirely appropriate. The key to this therapy is limiting the impact your past has on your mental state in the present and anxiety over future events. Once you are living in the moment, your stress will be effectively managed.

With stress effectively managed, you are on your path to a happier and more energetic future.

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